Customer Testimonials

At our family get-together this summer we found ourselves sharing our experiences over a wide range like what foods we preferred, what sort of holidays we liked best and lots of other things. I guess we were searching for similarities between us which we found quite often. Whether or not the DNA was responsible didn’t matter but we all went home feeling very connected.

I'm extending the project into other branches of our family, some of whom I have never met and who live in other parts of the country or abroad. Also. as a result of my project, other members of the extended family who are descended from different Daughters of Eve are building up their own networks and we plan to extend these projects over the coming years.
LL , Boston MA, USA
I was one of the early customers of Oxford Ancestors in 2001 when I found out that I was descended from Ursula, one of the Seven Daughters of Eve. Last year I decided as a retirement project to connect as many ‘Ursulans’ as possible among my relatives and organise a get-together, which I did this summer. I didn't need to do any more DNA test as, so long as we were connected by unbroken mother-daughter line we would have the same DNA. Even so, a few of us did have their own Oxford Ancestors test which unsurprisingly gave identical results.
MMcA, Dunedin, New Zealand
I am adopted. When I was told, I wanted to trace my parents and thought about having a DNA test in order to do so. However when it came to it is, I realised that my desire to trace my parents was not so much to identify or even meet up with them but to connect me to the broad mass of humanity from which, by being adopted, I felt excluded. I wanted to know that I came from somewhere, that I was part of the great human family. I chose to have my DNA test with Oxford Ancestors and this showed I was a member of the clan of Jasmine going back 10,000 years my maternal line. This had a profound effect on what I thought about myself. I no longer felt an outsider without roots but the last in a long line descendants from Jasmine herself. It has taken me some time to come to terms with this but now I feel much better about myself and my place in the world.
MF, Fairbanks, Alaska
You determined me to be a descendent of Helena. Not too surprising; the only thing I knew before was that my father said we were ‘Scotch-Irish’. Still don’t know exactly what that amounts to.

I noted that you took an additional week to report on my wife’s ancestry (Ina - Ed). That was actually reassuring; I concluded that you were re-checking your results to rule out error. Your letter says: ’Yours is a DNA sequence which is very rare among native Europeans’. Indeed. My wife is descended from Native Americans; Mexican, in the case of her father, the California coastal Chumash in the case of her mother. If you had categorized her as a descendant from one of the Seven Daughters of Eve, I would likely have challenged your results.

In short, I believe you have passed the test. You conducted your tests honestly and reported your results. I feel that I have gotten my money’s worth. Thank you very much.
WB, California, USA
Thank you for sending me the results of my Tribes of Britain Ancestry test. I must say that I am now feeling very ‘Nordic’ and have taken to eating more fish and longing for the open seas. This is really a most fascinating project and many of my friends and relatives are intending to find out if they too are a Viking.
GG, Cornwall, UK
Through the MatriLine database I contacted one of your customers. Through searching both our lines it turns out we are 4th cousins once removed. Without having our DNA done we would not have found each other, so again thanks.
JG, Scotland, UK