Maternal Ancestry Nearest Neighbour Search

We have added a new function to our database which we call Nearest Neighbour Search. It allows you to search not only for exact sequence matches but also for close matches. This gives you a much wider scope when searching for relatives.

People with sequences that match your own are your relatives, even when that seems unlikely! They may live in a different country or even on a different continent but your DNA makes the link over thousands of years and miles.

To begin with, go to ‘Search Our Maternal Ancestry Records’. Enter your Maternal Clan, your mutation sequence and the number of mutations in the sequence. All the people you pick up with this search are your exactmatches, your genetic relatives going way back into the distant past.

Now try increasing the number of mutations and search again. This time your search will find people who nearly match your sequence. These people are related to you, but more distantly than those with whom you have an exact match.

You can easily then add further mutations to your search criteria and find even more distant relatives.

We hope you enjoy discovering whole new sides to your genetic family tree with our new Nearest Neighbour Search.

Please note that the search facility is available to registered customers only.